Editorial Services

ed·it | \ ˈe-dət \ | verb

1a to prepare (something, such as literary material) for publication or public presentation.
1c to alter, adapt, or refine to bring about conformity to a standard or particular purpose.

Why hire an editor?



Whether you’ve written a novel, article, or newsletter, everyone needs an editor. Often as a writer, we are too close to our own writing to be able to see the issues and an editor can provide the sight you need.

Here is my editing philosophy: it is your words, your voice, your composition. My job is to help you craft your piece keeping true to your voice and writing style before releasing it into the hands of your target audience. I understand the writing process having written literary, business, and academic compositions of various lengths. Additionally, I am an avid reader and edit with your target readers in mind.

You write to communicate to the hearts and minds of others what’s burning inside you, and we edit to let the fire show through the smoke.
— Arthur Plotnik


I offer proofreading, copy editing, and line editing for business, academic, and literary works.

Every project is unique, so though I provide a rate for the services I offer, the rate/price will vary for each project. Some projects will require a flat fee, others hourly, and others a combination of the two. To better understand your project, I offer a sample edit of 10 to 15 pages. This allows me the opportunity to figure out what to quote – either by length or the hour or a combination – since a lot of editing depends on how much work the writing needs.

Additionally, the sample edit allows you the opportunity to see if we are a good fit. Do you like the type of suggestions, questions, comments, and corrections I make? Does it work well with your voice and writing style? This type of fit between writer and editor is just as important as the price point for services.

After we have discussed your project needs, I will submit a project quote.  All quotes and rates go by the industry standard of a page being about 250 words in 12-point font, standard font (nothing crazy), standard margins, and double spaced.

How it Works

I view editing as a form of teaching (as a former teacher, it is important to me to help my writers grow and learn). It is my job to teach you what I am doing and why, but it is also important for me to learn about your writing style and needs. My hope is you come away from our work together feeling more confident as a writer and excited about the final product.

  1. After we have agreed upon your editing needs, a rate, and a timeline, you will send me your composition in a .doc or .docx format.

  2. I will use track changes to clearly show my edits, leaving comments as I go along to tell you my reasoning, thinking, and questions.

  3. I will send you the edited document and answer any questions or concerns you may have. We can also discuss revision suggestions and other overall impressions as needed.

  4. We can restart the process as needed and agreed upon.

Ready to get started?

For additional information about editors and the editing process, please go to Resources.