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com·po·si·tion | \ ˌkäm-pə-ˈzi-shən \ | noun

1. a: the act or process of composing; specifically: arrangement into specific proportion or relation and especially into artistic form.

Why composition?  Because I want to help you compose your project, your words, into the artistic form you seek.

Let me help you present your finest composition


Transcript Proofreading for Court Reporters

Proofreading transcripts can be more an art than a science.  Verbatim transcription often requires a unique application of the rules since we can correct the punctuation but not the grammar.

We both know not every transcription scenario fits the grammar rules, and I can help you decide the best way to punctuate these situations. Though I proofread with the rules first, readabilityconsistency, and your style preferences play essential roles in my method. Let me help you present a clean, polished transcript.

Need more help picking a proofreader?  Follow this link to understand how to pick the perfect proofreader for you.

Editing for Writers

Once you have written your novel, article, blog post, or other type of composition, it is time to take your writing through the process of editing.  Whether you need a copy and line edit for larger issues or a final proofread, I can help you take your composition a step closer to publication.


Units and Lesson Plans for Secondary Educators

Having taught 9th graders to college students, on-level to Advanced Placement classes, special education students, and English Language Learners, I understand the unique needs of a high school classroom.  My lesson plans and units offer a wide range of content and activities useful for many different classroom environments.  When planning, I always keep my educational philosophy in mind – I do, we do, you do – and my lessons reflect this philosophy.


Writing is easy. All you have to do is cross out the wrong words.
— Mark Twain


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