Editorial Services Rates

ed·it | \ ˈe-dət \ | verb

1a to prepare (something, such as literary material) for publication or public presentation.
1c to alter, adapt, or refine to bring about conformity to a standard or particular purpose.

PROOFREADING: $0.015 per word / $30 an hour

Proofreading is meant to be the final look at a piece before going to publication. Proofreading covers looking at surface issues such as spelling, punctuation, formatting, and grammar. It does not include sentence rephrasing or suggest revision changes. If I feel you need a more intensive look, I will recommend one of my other services.

COPY EDITING: $0.035 per word / $35 an hour

Copy editing involves suggestions, comments, sentence rephrases/clarifications, word usage, flow, organization, transitions, grammatical issues, consistency/accuracy both technical and within the story (to name a few). Copy editing happens before the final draft, but not on the first draft. Specific goals and need can be set and requested for this service.

I typically work at a pace of 5 to 10 pages an hour.

LINE EDITING: $0.08 per word / $45 an hour

Line editing is even more in-depth than copy editing. This means a line-by-line analysis of the manuscript, thinking about how every phrase can be tighter/better. Line editing is about making the writing not only correct, but more effective and how you communicate your writing to your reader.

I typically work at a pace of 2 to 5 pages an hour.

Read this article and this one to have a better understanding about the differences between proofreading, copy editing, and line editing.

The first draft reveals the art; revision reveals the artist.
— Michael Lee

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